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Vision Aid Suisse is a foundation for improving the living conditions of people with disabilities worldwide. Together, we break the cycle of poverty and disability in developing countries. Together, we are creating a world where people with disabilities have the same opportunities and rights as everyone else and can live free from illness and poverty.

Help for Africa

The focus of our activities is in Africa, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. There we reach people in the poorest countries on earth.

Vision Impact Project Kenya

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The program spans a total of four years, during which we combat preventable blindness in Kenya. The overall objective is to reduce the prevalence of visual impairment and address preventable blindness in the target areas and provide access to inclusive eye care services for the entire population (6.6 million people) in five Kenyan counties.

Success Stories

Bitcoin Suisse: A strong partner for Vision Aid Suisse

Entrepreneurial commitment and experienced project implementation go hand in hand: The Swiss crypto pioneer Bitcoin Suisse will support the project work of Vision Aid Suisse with its network in the future.

Together for Kenya with the national government

A big milestone for our Vision Impact Project in Kenya. The national government officially supports the aid project at the political level and and thus considerably simplifies the approval and implementation processes.

Emmanuel Bwire

Kenya, Vihiga County*

Emmanuel has the blinding eye disease cataract in both eyes. His mother has to care for Emmanuel and his twin sister Mary all by herself: Her husband died when the children were just six months old. Because the nine-year-old has such poor eyesight, it makes him sad that he can’t run around and play like the other kids. Emmanuel also has big problems at school: he tries to read what is written on the blackboard, but he does not succeed. He no longer recognizes the letters, neither on the blackboard nor in the exercise book.

* Emmanuel is a beneficiary of an older aid project in Kenya, as the VIP project cannot yet produce up-to-date portraits due to its recent implementation.